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          更新時間:2014/11/27 15:11:00    【    


          Supporting by Chinese government’s policies on pushing forward transform upgrade of economic structure, stimulating development of emerging industries strengthening national safety, China’s aviation industry, space industry defense industry has experienced rapid growth in 2014. In the Zhuhai Airshow held this month, Chinese companies revealed hundreds new products that represent the most advanced technologies used by Chinese aerospace industries. AviChina, as the only aviation manufacturer in Hong Kong stock market, has attracted numerous investors from domestic overseas markets.

          In November, AviChina had attended several conferences held activities to make a better introduce of the company to investors. Participated conferences summits convened by GS, Daiwa, Merrill Lynch CMB. Invited analysts to visit Zhuhai Airshow learn the latest aviation products. Organized a reverse roadshow together with Morgan Stanley, in which investors visited Hafei Aviation North China General Aviation.

          Those activities help investors better understthe present the future of AviChina, being confident of the development of the company.