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          Investor Relations


          AVIC is approved to be the pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment
          Updated:2018/12/19 14:08:00

          Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd.AVIC, the parent company of AviChina, was approved to be one of the pilot enterprises of state-owned capital investment, which is of great significance to AVIC, playing an important role in optimizing enterprise layout, improving competitiveness operational efficiency, promoting AVIC to become an international aviation enterprise group with global competitiveness.


          AviChina, which is a significant listed vehicle of AVIC for investment in aviation industry, for integrating domestic overseas resources; for capital operation, works as aviation high-tech products services for both military civil purpose. The approval will play an active role in promoting the business development of AviChina, bring huge policy impetus operational space for AVIC China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.