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          Investor Relations


          AviChina has successfully raised funds in Hong Kong and been increased by Airbus Group
          Updated:2018/12/14 15:19:00

          On December 14th, AviChina (HK02357) announced its successful lightning distribution in Hong Kong, financing 1.367 billion Hong Kong dollars. The Placing Shares were increased by a number of institutions, of which the strategic shareholder Airbus Group increased its holdings to 5% by HK$180 million, this is the third time that Airbus Group has increased its shareholding after participating in the IPO.


          In the past fifteen years, starting from collaboration in capital projects, AviChina Airbus Group have continued to expthe fields enhance the level of cooperation. to multiple areas in the aviation industry chain, including A320 assembly line, Hafei-Airbus Composites Manufacturing Center, the R&D production of H175 helicopter. At present, the A320 assembly line has been assembled delivered nearly 400 units of aircraft, will achieve the production target of 6 aircrafts per month by 2020. The H175 helicopter was certified by the EASA in 2017 delivered to the Hong Kong Government Flying Service in 2018. The Hafei-Airbus Composites Manufacturing Center produces composite parts for A320 series the latest A350XWB aircraft, delivered the 1000th A320 aircraft rudder in 2017, being the only supplier of it.


          In the past 40 years of reform opening up, AVIC has been firmly implemented the national reform opening up strategy, learned from the world aviation industry, actively conducted international cooperation, integrated into the world aviation industry chain, achieved rapid development growth, become an international aviation industry group.


          AviChina is the flagship company of AVIC's aviation high-tech products services for both military civil purpose. The Airbus Group's increase will help to conduct more cooperation consolidate the strategic partnership with AVIC under the background of the 40th anniversary of reform opening up.