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          Investor Relations


          AviChina wins the "2018 Golden Lion Awards --the most valuable listed company"
          Updated:2018/12/13 14:24:00

          On December 12nd, the "2018 Golden Lion Awards Hong Kong Listed Companies Value List Awards Ceremony", hosted by Sina Finance, was held successfully in Hong Kong. Hundreds of representatives from financial institutions, listed companies politicians in the MainlHong Kong attended the ceremony.


          AviChina won the "Golden Lion Awards -- the most valuable listed company", fully demonstrating the investment value of AviChina.


          The Golden Lion Awards are selected by regulatory authorities, research institutes, mainstream brokers, funds, venture capitalists, online voting, media professional agencies, including outstanding entrepreneurs of listed company, the best CEOs of listed company, the most valuable listed company, the most brvalue listed company, the most social responsibility listed company so on.


          The ceremony aims to explore the integration path of the capital markets between the MainlHong Kong, to promote the common development of the capital markets, to create new business cards for the internationalization of listed companies.