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          Investor Relations


          AviChina Capital holds the opening ceremony
          Updated:2018/11/1 14:31:00

          On October 31st, AviChina Industry Investment Co., Ltd.(AviChina Capital), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AviChina, held its opening ceremony in Shanghai. Representatives from subsidiaries of AVIC in Shanghai; BOC International, Mizuho Securities, UBS Securities, CICC Securities, Great Wall Changfu Investment, COAMC other financial institutions attended the ceremony.


          It was also the time of 15th anniversary of the establishment of AviChina. All guests watched a video on development history of AviChina exchanged ideas on future prospects of AviChina AviChina Capital.


          AviChina Capital was established on June 28th, 2016, completed industrial commercial registration changes on July 20th, 2018. The ceremony marked its officially operation.


          AviChina Capital will make full use of the policies resource advantages of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. In the future, AviChina Capital will also conduct deeper cooperation with aviation industry enterprises state-owned investment institutions to promote the development of civil-military integration the reform on institutes mixed ownership, as well as improve structure of management on investments made by AviChina.