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          【AVIC】Large amphibious aircraft AG600 successfully made its first flight
          Updated:2018/10/22 16:31:00

          October 20th, 2018


          Jingmen Zhanghe Airport, Hubei


          China's first large amphibious aircraft, AG600, which is independently developed by AVIC, attaches high importance from the society once again. The first overwater flight of AG600 officially started.


          At 9:18, the first overwater flight of AG600 succeed completely! This is another historic moment after AG600 successfully achieved the first flight on lon December 24th, 2017.


          As one of the "three brothers" of China's large aircraft models, the large amphibious aircraft AG600 carries the mission of the country the nation.  It is another major breakthrough made by China in the field of large aircraft, filling the gap in large amphibious aircraft, adding strong confidence to China’s aviation industry.


          Mr. Tan Ruisong, the Chairman of AVIC, Mr. Wang Zhilin, the Vice President of AECC, Mr. Zhou Xinmin, the Vice President of COMAC, other representatives from local governments, government departments, military departments attended the ceremony.