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          Investor Relations


          AviChina visits AVIC Guizhou Anji and AVIC Standard Parts
          Updated:2018/10/12 9:39:00

          On October 11st, Mr. Tao Guofei, the Vice President CFO of AviChina his team, visited AVIC Guizhou Anji Aviation Investment Casting Co., Ltd. (AVIC Guizhou Anji) AVIC Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (AVIC Standard Parts).


          On the morning, accompanied by Mr. Ran Xing, the Chairman of AVIC Guizhou Anji, the team visited casting workshop production lines, learned more about production status, casting process, the latest achievements on key models, listened a brief on basic situation, business conditions, future development plan mixed reform plan of AVIC Guizhou Anji.


          On the afternoon, the team visited AVIC Standard Parts. Mr. Liu Peiyu, the Chairman of AVIC Standard Parts, Mr. Wang Mingxiang, the Deputy General Manager of AVIC Standard Parts, introduced markets of standard parts, company positioning, recent financial status future development plan.