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          Investor Relations


          " AVIC International Forum 2018" held in Hong Kong
          Updated:2018/9/5 23:10:00

          On 5 September 2018, “AVIC International Forum 2018” hosted by AVIC co-organized by AviChina was held successfully in Hong Kong. With the theme of "New Era, New Image, New Development", the forum is expected to introduce remarkable achievements in industrial development, international expansion technological innovation of aviation industry in China, to conduct in-depth discussion on how AVIC can play bigger role under the “Belt Road” initiative, to strengthen the bonding between AVIC Hong Kong market, to conduct multiple cooperation, to bring new development momentum for AVIC. More than 100 people from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, LOCPG, AVIC, international brokers, law firms, auditors, fund managers, analysts the media were invited to attend the forum.


          Mr. Liang Zhenying, the vice chairman of CPPCC, Ms. Qiu Hong, the deputy director of LOCPG, Mr. Tan Ruisong, the chairman of AVIC AviChina, jointly launched the forum.


          In his speech "A New Era in Openness Integration," Mr. Tan Ruisong pointed out that China has become an aviation power with complete R&D system, has ability of developing advanced aircrafts independently, moving forward to new era. Under the background of reform-opening up Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development, China aviation industry should integrate into Hong Kong market to carry out multiple cooperation, make use of its advantages, bring new development momentum, contribute to the future prosperity. AVIC will actively implement technological synergy, completely make use of Hong Kong's scientific research advantages, enhance technological cooperation promote the industrialization of technological achievements; actively promote industrial synergy, completely make use of Hong Kong's internationalization advantages, enhance the level of cooperation, integrate into the world aviation industry chain at a higher level; actively promote regional synergy, completely make use of its advantages, promote the formation of cluster effects, contribute to the development of Hong Kong Greater Bay Area. In addition, AVIC will tightly seize opportunities brought by further openness of aviation industry, “Belt Road” initiative, reform of state-owned enterprises, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development, etc, to strongly support the development of AviChina other enterprises in Hong Kong.


          Mr. Tan Ruisong also noted that in the times of cooperation, AVIC will actively conduct various cooperation with international partners who cherish the same goals in more areas with more openness friendliness. Furthermore, AVIC will continue to open global vision, focus on main businesses, enhance qualities, strive for excellence. With the advantages of capital, technology Hong Kong market, AVIC will create new era of win-win future with global investors.