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          Investor Relations


          Tan Ruisong visits Airbus Group
          Updated:2018/7/13 17:06:00


          Tan Ruisong, Chen Yuanxian Patrick (second right) Tom Williams (first left)  Photographed by Xu Bo


          To promote cooperation with Airbus Group, on July 13th, Mr. Tan Ruisong, the Chairman of AVIC, Mr. Chen Yuanxian, the Executive Vice President of AVIC, visited the headquarters of Airbus Group, attending strategic cooperation meeting civil aircraft cooperation meeting.

          Mr. Tan Ruisong Mr. Patrick de Castelbajac, the Executive Vice President-Strategic International of Airbus Group Non-Executive Director of AviChina, attended the strategic cooperation meeting. Mr. Patrick introduced the latest developments of Airbus Group reviewed cooperation programs between the two parties from a strategic perspective. The Chinese representative introduced the overall development of AVIC AviChina. The two sides conducted a deep discussion on strengthening business equity cooperation between Airbus Group AviChina, reached a consensus.

          Mr. Tan Ruisong other Chinese representatives visited the Mock-Up Center, A350 A380 final assembly lines, A380 Iron Bird ATR's aircraft final assembly line, exchanging ideas experiences on cabin interior design civil aircraft management with Airbus Group.