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          Investor Relations


          Significant progress has been made in the establishment of AVIC military-civilian integration fund
          Updated:2018/4/27 18:34:00

          On April 24, 2018, Beijing Rongfu AVIC Fund Management Co., Ltd., jointly established by AVIC, AviChina AVIC Capital, completed the business registration obtained the license, which meant the fund started to operate.

          AVICl military-civilian integration fund is an important way for AVIC to integrate military-civilian promote production, making more direct powerful use of high-quality social resources, boosting the development of related industries, accelerating the formation of all-factors , multi-fields high-efficiency deep development pattern of military-civilian integration. It is reported that AVIC will no longer set up group-level industrial funds in the future. Based on the tens of billions of aviation high-tech industry resources of AVIC, the fund will have the priority investment advantage, attracting more attention to its prospects from the market. At present, a number of large state-owned financial institutions investors, including insurance, banking other financial sectors, have expressed their intention to subscribe to the fund, the first phase of the fundraising scale reached RMB 10 billion. 

          AVIC has identified the military-civilian integration as a key measure to deepen the reform. So the group company capitalized attracted funds in various way to set up AVIC-level military-civilian integration fund, seeing it as a platform to build a large-coordinated new model. After the establishment of Rongfu AVIC, it will be responsible to set up manage the fund,which will become an important platform for AVIC to implement the national strategy of military-civilian integration.