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          Y-12F is granted USA FAA certificate
          Updated:2016/3/9 15:03:00

          The new-generation turbo-fan general aircraft model Y-12F, developed produced by subsidiary under AviChina, has got type certificate granted by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is the third model in Y-12 series having FAA certificate, following Y-12IV Y-12E. It is also the only one among world 8-ton commuter aircrafts having FAA certificate in sale. The FAA certificate comes just 71 days later than certificate from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which means civil models made in China, can apply test for airworthiness certificate in China USA simultaneously.

          Y-12F can be widely used in passenger/cargo transportation, offshore surveillance, aero-photography, geologic exploration, medical rescue artificial precipitation. It has maximum takeoff weight of 8.4 tons, maximum commercial load of 3 tons, economical cruise speed of 400km/hour, maximum voyage of 2255 km ultimate height of 7000 meters. It can load 19 passengers or three LD3 standard containers.

          The Y-12 series has delivered more than 200 units in over 30 countries regions. Y-12F expects to get more than 100 domestic overseas orders from 2016 to 2036.