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          Investor Relations


          China Eastern Airlines Plans to introduce C919 & ARJ21 Aircraft, a number of AviChina’s Subsidiaries are Important Suppliers.
          Updated:2022/5/16 10:56:06

          It is reported on evening of May 10th that China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. (CEA) announced a plan of raising up to RMB 15 billion ($2.23 billion)  to introduce a total of 38 aircraft, including 4 C919 aircraft and 24 ARJ21-700 aircraft and to supplement working capital and the newly introduced aircraft are expected to be delivered in 2022-2024.


          C919 aircraft is a short- and medium-range single-aisle jet civil aircraft developed by China and is expected to be delivered in 2022 according to the current plan.


          ARJ21 is a 70 ~ 90 seat, double engine, medium and short range regional jet independently designed and manufactured by China. After the above introduction of 24 ARJ21-700 basic models, the scale of ARJ21 fleet operated by China Eastern Airlines will  triple.  

          A number of enterprises under AviChina are important suppliers of the domestic large aircraft. The products supplied involve fuselage structural parts, slats, landing gear doors, lighting systems, connectors and other avionics equipment.