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          Investor Relations


          AviChina’s strategic investment in Guobo Electronics was successfully listed on the SSE STAR MARKET
          Updated:2022/7/25 16:03:57

          On 22 July 2022, Guobo Electronics Co., Ltd. (Guobo Electronics: 688375), in which AviChina and AVIC RongFu Fund had invested as strategic investors, was successfully listed on the SSE STAR MARKET. Mr. Yan Lingxi, the general manager of AviChina, attended the listing ceremony on behalf of the Company. 


          Guobo Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of active phased array T/R components and related products of radio frequency integrated circuits. The products mainly include active phased array T/R components, GaAs base station radio frequency integrated circuits, etc.

          AviChina is the only flagship company in Hong Kong stock market who integrates aviation science and technology into civil products and services. Based on the strong industrial background and market-oriented system and mechanism of AVIC, the Company focuses on aviation and defense and high-tech industries, strengthens strategic investment and capital utilization of the overall aviation industry, and contributes to accelerating the construction of the modern aviation industry. At the same time, AviChina will also empower more high-quality enterprises to deeply integrate into the aviation industry and bring value enhancement.